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Siuslaw High School Sets up Distracted Driving Display; Committees in Need of Passionate Volunteers; Wall Plaque Located; Holly Jolly Follies

Siuslaw High School Sets up Distracted Driving Display

Siuslaw high school resource officer Brandon Bailey has set up an educational display at the entrance to Siuslaw High School.  It includes a previously crashed vehicle to illustrate the dangers of distracted driving and driving under the influence.  The vehicle was specifically involved in a crash involving distracted driving.  Chief Tom Turner says that teens have to remember that even if the car they are driving is equipped with a hands free device, it is still illegal for them to be on the phone.

“An under 18 year old driver has to remember that even though that system is in there, they can’t use it until they are 18 or older, so a younger driver, even though it might be in the car they are driving, they can’t utilize that or their cell phone.”

According to ODOT statistics, distracted driving is one of the top causes for accidents in teens driving situations.

Committees in Need of Passionate Volunteers

In an attempt to streamline committees the City of Florence is combining several of the committees into larger, more inclusive committees.  The airport and transit committees will be combined to make a larger Transportation committee that will take into account public transportation, bike and pedestrian, air and rail.  The council will officially make the changes during its January meeting.  In the meantime, City recorder Kelli Weese is rounding up citizens interested in serving on the new committees.  Several of the committees are in need of more volunteers including the Public Arts Committee.  The city is seeking individuals that have a passion about the arts and want to contribute.  The committee is currently involved in two large scale projects for 2019.  Applications for this committee and others can be found at ci.florence.or.us

Wall Plaque Located

The Veteran’s Memorial Wall plaque that was stolen from the veterans memorial park in Florence has been located.  The plaque was found in Brookings, further details on the theft are forth coming

Holly Jolly Follies

This weekend the holiday spirit officially arrives in Florence in the form of the annual Holly Jolly Follies.  The event will take place at the Florence event Center over the weekend with shows at 7 pm on Friday and Saturday evening and at 2pm on Sunday.  Tickets are 18 dollars for adults and 10 dollars for children 12 and under and can be purchased at the event center box office or at eventcenter.org.