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Equal Pay Act; Planning Commission; Photo Contest Winner

Equal Pay Act

On January 1st Oregon house bill 2005-A31 goes into effect.  It is known as the Equal Pay Act and prohibits employers from using gender to discriminate in determining pay for employees. The legislation was passed in 2017 and the time has allowed employers to gear up for the changes.  The new law prohibits employers from paying different wages for comparable work based on gender. It also prohibits the screening of applicants on the basis of current or past compensations, seeking salary history before an offer of employment is made and basing pay on the current or past compensation of a prospective employee.  There are some allowances for differentials in pay, such as seniority, merit, training, work based on a piece rate or previous experience.  The law protects a protected class, which by the laws definition includes race, sex, veteran status, disability, age, color, religion, national origin, marital status and sexual orientation.  Penalties can include unpaid wages and claims can be filed beginning January 1st.  compensatory or punitive damages may be available beginning in 2024.

Planning Commission

A planning commission meeting for this evening has been cancelled.  The meeting has been moved to next Tuesday the 18th of December.  The planning commission is another of the cities entities that has vacancies that need to be filled for 2019.  The Commission reviews and makes recommendations on the Comprehensive Plan, subdivision and zoning ordinances and other planning rules and regulations. The Planning Commission also serves as the Design Review Board acting to determine whether proposed developments uphold the zoning and subdivision ordinances of the City of Florence.  The Planning Commission consists of seven members, of which five must live inside city limits and two may live within the Urban Growth Boundary. Planning Commission meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 5:30 p.m.

Photo Contest Winner

The Florence Area Chamber of Commerce has announced the winner of its photo contest.  The winning photo was submitted by a Eugene man.   James Dominguez entered the photo of his daughter Cecilia running on the beach just north of Heceta Beach Lighthouse while they were on a family vacation in May.  Dominguez says it was a shot he took from his cell phone.  He receives a $250 cash prize from the chamber.