Winds and High Seas Impact Florence Coast; Boat Fire on the Siuslaw; Driver of Rollover Charged; Concrete Seeps into McKinney Slough

Winds and High Seas Impact Florence Coast

photo courtesy of KEZI
photo courtesy of KEZI

Heavy weather fronts along the Oregon coast continue to move inland bringing rain and strong winds.  The U.S. Coast Guard Siuslaw River Station warns that high waves, possibly reaching 30 feet, as well as the possibility of sneaker waves exists through today and into the week.  The national weather service is predicting 2-4 inches of rain for the Florence area as well as high winds and gusts up to 60 miles per hour.  There is also the possibility of some flooding.  Storm footage from yesterday afternoon shows high waves cresting over the north jetty.  The National Weather Service is recommending that you check storm drains and gutters as the rain will likely fall in a relatively short period of time over the next 12 hours.  A High Surf Warning and a high wind warning are in effect until Tuesday.  A flood watch will extend into Wednesday.

Boat Fire on the Siuslaw

Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue responded to a boat fire on the Siuslaw River at milepost 9 on Highway 126 yesterday afternoon.  The catamaran was engulfed in flames and several witnesses reported hearing explosions according to an online post by the Siuslaw News.  One occupant of the boat reportedly jumped into the water and was rescued.  He was taken to Peace Harbor Hospital by Western Lane Ambulance.  His condition is not known at this time.  Siuslaw Valley Fire crews allowed the boat to burn and contacted the U.S. Coast Guard about possible contamination and toxins that may have spread on the river.  The Fire began at about 3 pm on Sunday.

Driver of Rollover Charged

On Friday evening a single vehicle accident on Rhododendron at Eden Lane resulted in police arresting a minor on a provisional license for Driving Under the Influence.  When Police arrived on the scene the overturned vehicle was unoccupied.  The driver was later located and taken to Peace Harbor Medical center.  The drivers condition is not known.

Concrete Seeps into McKinney Slough

A containment form failed during bridge construction Saturday morning and about five cubic yards of low-density concrete was released along the McKinney Slough, 1.5 miles east of Waldport. Some material entered the water. Containment measures were put in place immediately. Hazmat crews responded and cleanup is ongoing. Construction crews were pouring a low-density concrete fill as part of a bridge replacement project when the spill occurred. The OR 34 McKinney Slough Bridge, built in 1957, is being replaced with a new wider and longer structure that will be able to withstand a large earthquake. The new bridge is being constructed one half at a time. Crews are currently working on the south half of the new bridge. Traffic is restricted to one lane, controlled by a signal or flaggers at all times.