New Council to Convene; Plastic’s Roundup; Game Tag Extension

New Council to Convene

3 members of the Florence City council will take the oath of office on Monday evening.  Mayor Joe Henry, councilman Woody Woodbury, and new councilwoman Geraldine Lucio will be officially sworn in.  There will be a brief council meeting to approve minutes from the November and December meetings which will include outgoing councilwoman Susy Lacer and then the council will reconvene.  On the agenda for the new council is a recommendation for approval of a change to the Waterfront Depot Liquor license as well as the election of council positions of President and vice-president.  The council will also consider the updates to the city council commitments and sign-ups which include Municipal Court Judge Supervision and ex-officio assignments.  At the conclusion of the meeting there will also be a reception to welcome the new council members.  The meeting will be held at the Florence Event Center beginning at 5:30 pm.

Plastic’s Roundup

You will have to drive to Eugene, but Lane County has announced that it will be holding a plastics roundup for clean #2, #4, and #5 polyethylene and polypropylene plastics.  The event is free and will be held at the Glenwood Transfer station on 17th street in Eugene.  The event is not until the 7th of April, but Lane County recycling wanted to give enough notice so that residents and plastics collectors will have time to gather their items.  Lane county has the highest recycling rate in the state of Oregon.  Last year’s roundup collected 2.76 tons of plastics which are used to make items like park benches, decking, flower pots, electronic component parts among other items.  Only clean, sorted materials will be accepted.

Game Tag Extension

The deadline to report all 2018 big game and turkey tags has been extended.  Normally hunters have until January 31st to submit them, but with ODFW’s new licensing system the date has been extended to April 15th.  the new deadline applies to all deer, elk, cougar, bear, antelope, and turkey tags.  Anyone who purchased one of these tags must report even if their hunt was unsuccessful.  Reporting can be done online at ODFW’s license page at or by phone.  Doug Cottam, ODFW wildlife division administrator says the extension is to better serve the hunters as they familiarize themselves with the new system.