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Businesses Chip in for Coasties; Geography Bee Winners; Rhody Court Announced

Businesses Chip in for Coasties

The government shutdown is now at day 25, but more importantly is that today is the day that many federal workers were to be paid.  Including the United States Coast Guard.  Coast guard station Siuslaw is home to 38 service personell none of whom will receive any  money today.  Efforts in the Florence community have been focused on how to help the coast guard servicemen and women make their bills during the longest shutdown in the history of the United States.  One of the biggest obstacles is that coast guard employees cannot be singled out for discounts or monetary donations due to government regulations.  However they can take advantage of any services offered to the general community.  In addition a coalition of businesses have gathered together to provide services or supplements to services that fall within the parameters of the regulations.  Oregon Pacific Bank has announced a Restricted Line of Credit for furloughed federal employees who are not receiving a regular paycheck. Current federal government employees can stop by their local Oregon Pacific Bank branch and apply for a special line of credit that will allow for monthly advances equal to their net take home pay, up to a maximum of $10,000 total for six months.  This special program is offered with no fees at a 0% interest rate for six months after the loan is funded. No monthly payment is due until the loan reaches maturity after six months, or upon receipt of retro-active income repayment. Applicants must have a current deposit account at Oregon Pacific Bank or be willing to open one in order to take advantage of this program.  Some businesses are offering special military discounts and food share and Siuslaw Outreach Services and the Salvation Army also offer services of which servicemen and women can take advantage.

Geography Bee Winners

The National Geographic Society’s Geography Bee Finals were held at Siuslaw Elementary and Middle Schools yesterday.  The winners of the Siuslaw Elementary School competition were: 3rd place Grace Dotson, 2nd place Camden Linton, and 1st place Micah Blankenship. At Siuslaw Middle School, the winners were: 3rd place Jacob Blankenship, 2nd place River Howell, 1st place Owen Harklerode. Both Micah & Owen will now take the state qualifying test to see if they will be able to compete in the state finals March 29th.

Rhody Court Announced

The Rhody court announcements were made yesterday and the Rhody Court for 2019 are Senior Princesses; Hope Garcia, Heaven Lewis, Noelle Trammelle-Stone, Ella Stidham, Marissa Wells, Aylenne Vazquez, Madison Reynolds and Falon Borgnino. With Senior princes; Phoenix Brazille, Patrick Rowley, Timothy Lowder and Mason Wampler This is one of the largest courts in the history of the 112 year festival.  There was even an addition of three additional junior princesses which are

1st graders: KayDee Butler and Adrienna Sneddon.  2nd grader: Addison Ott
Mapleton 3rd graders: Noah Williams and Payton Halverson
4th grader: Abigail Stevenson and 5th graders: Daisy Robledo and Cheyanne Wiesner   The 112th Rhododendron festival will be May 17th through the 19th.