OPB Releases 2018 Numbers; Safe Routes Grant Approved; Clamming Opens Further South; New License Plate Available

OPB Releases 2018 Numbers

Oregon Pacific Bank released its fourth quarter report and annual earnings.  The bank posted a fourth quarter net income of $508 thousand dollars with a  quarterly loan growth of 22.4 million and a growth of deposits in the amount of 6.5 million.  In addition moving a small branch office in Eugene to a newly remodeled facility on East 11th street.  The bank’s annual net income was 2.6 million which represents an 83% growth over 2017.  President and CEO Ron Green said the growth in Eugene through the purchase of another bank had a lot to do with the success of 2018..

“We reached our economy to scale, we gained some efficiency and demonstrated some real solid profit and for us that’s earnings that we can inject back into the organization for additional loans and future value for all of our constituents which for us is our shareholders, our clients and the communities we serve.”

Green said it was the work of a very talented team and OPB will continue to stay “focused on building client relationships” and serving Lane County and the communities within.

Safe Routes Grant Approved

The City of Florence approved the acceptance of the Safe Routes to School Grant at last night’s city Council meeting.  The grant will provide about 80 percent of the funds needed to provide a new crosswalk across highway 101 near the Siuslaw schools.  The projected placement is between 25th street and 28th street.  The total cost of the project will be $420,000.  The City Council also ratified the staff’s decision to apply for a Homeland Security grant in the amount of $93,000 to purchase a new emergency power generator for the new public works operation center.

Clamming Opens Further South

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) and the Oregon Department of Fish and Willdlife (ODFW)  announce the opening of razor clam harvesting from the Umpqua River to Cape Blanco. Recent shellfish samples taken from the area indicate levels of the marine biotoxin domoic acid have dropped below the alert level.  Razor clamming is now open from Tillamook Head to Cape Blanco.  ODA will continue to test for shellfish toxins twice per month, as tides permit. Reopening of an area requires two consecutive tests in the safe range.

New License Plate Available

The Oregon State University Marine Mammal Institute Gray Whale vehicle license plate will be available for Oregon passenger vehicles only starting Feb. 1.  The plate is only for passenger vehicles titled and registered in Oregon. DMV cannot accept or process applications received before Feb. 1.  In addition to regular title, registration and plate manufacturing fees, the Gray Whale plate has a $40 surcharge due when you first order the plate and at each registration renewal. The surcharge is the same amount for four-year or two-year registration periods.