Boats on the Port of Siuslaw

Wreck Claims Mapleton Woman; School Board Meeting; Fraudville 9th Annual; OCHS Meet and Greet

Wreck Claims Mapleton Woman

A fatal wreck on Highway 101 south of the Siuslaw River bridge on Saturday claimed the life of a Mapleton woman.  At approximately 11:07 am on Saturday morning at milepost 193 a 1999 green Ford Explorer lost control on slippery roads during the winter weather event.  The vehicle entered the southbound lane of highway 101 colliding with a mattress delivery truck.  25 year old Daniel Crump of Reedsport and 32 year old Nicholas Housego of Bandon were transported to Peace Harbor Hospital with serious injuries.  The driver of the Explorer, 52 year old Jamie Jones of Mapleton was transported to Peace Harbor where she was pronounced dead.  Jones’ companion dog was also found deceased.  Highway 101 was closed for 3 hours causing traffic to back up and be diverted.  Oregon State Police are investigating.  They were assisted by Siuslaw Valley fire and Rescue and Western Lane Ambulance.

School Board Meeting

This Wednesday the Siuslaw School Board will hold its monthly meeting.  One of the items on the agenda is the Policy Revision and Updates.  The policy regarding commercial advertising is being hotly debated as some members of the community believe that the wording in the policy would prohibit local businesses that sell alcohol or other items that are prohibited by minors from raising funds or offering scholarships.  The proposed verbiage states  “The administration shall always prohibit distribution of material that: advertises or promotes any product or service not permitted to minors by law.”  The proposed revisions are in their second reading.  Several businesses in town raise money annually that they turn into scholarships for Siuslaw High School Students.  One concern is that the adoption of school policies will prohibit them from helping students.  The meeting will be at 6:30 pm Wednesday at the School Board Offices on Oak street.  A copy of the policy revisions and updates is available on the Coast Radio Website.

Fraudville 9th Annual

Supporters of the Boys and Girls Club of Western Lane County were out in style on Saturday night for the 9th annual Fraudville event.  The gala featured lip-syncing stars to help raise money for the boys and girls club.  The event grossed over $66,000 dollars.  The winners, the Coastal Cuties, received the trophy.

OCHS Meet and Greet

The Oregon Coast Humane Society is holding a membership meeting on Wednesday, February 27th at the Bromley Room in the Siuslaw Public Library.  It will be a chance for people to meet Mark Curran, the new executive director of the OCHS as well as an opportunity to become a member or renew membership.  Upcoming plans for 2019 will also be shared at that time.