Siuslaw National Forest

Revision Florence Week One; Boards Move Toward Establishing New IGA; Road Re-opens; Springfield Man Arrested; Job Fair Helps Students

Revision Florence Week One

Today marks the end of week one of the Revision Florence Streetscape Project.  ODOT and construction crews wasted no time in getting tools in the ground.  Traffic was limited to one lane southbound beginning just north of Highway 126 and crews began tearing up sidewalks on 8th street and Highway 101.  Traffic moved fairly smoothly through the construction corridor.  Signs were placed along the section to direct shoppers to access points for the businesses on the route, and crosswalk areas were defined with white cones.  Drivers are urged to take extra precaution along 9 block area leading down to the Siuslaw River Bridge.  Some businesses have expressed concern regarding traffic flow, but are taking a ‘wait and see’ approach.

Boards Move Toward Establishing New IGA

Last night at a special meeting the combined boards of Western Lane Ambulance and Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue voted 9-1 to create a new Intergovernmental agreement that would produce a third entity to oversee the management of the joint operations of Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue and Western Lane Ambulance .  It is the first step in creating a new ordinance that will create a new entity to be known as the Western Lane EMS and Fire Authority.  The new IGA will create a new board to oversee and directly supervise the Chief and administrative services.  The planned ordinance will also give equal stake in the hiring and firing of fire chief to Western Lane Ambulance district.  Moving forward the plan is to draft the new ordinance and target implementation by July 1st of 2019.  The intention is to further streamline administrative and managerial duties and avoid overlapping processes contained therein. The board also approved the hiring of Fire Chief Candidate Michael Schick upon completion of background checks and psychological testing.

Road Re-opens

ODOT says a landslide that forced the closure of a portion of Highway 101 12 miles north of Brookings is expected to reopen at noon on Saturday, weather permitting.  The stretch of road has been closed for two weeks and access across the area will be limited to one lane of packed gravel.  Ground movement has slowed according to ODOT engineers.  Crews have placed more than 15 thousand pounds of rock along the path of the highway.

Springfield Man Arrested

A Springfield man was arrested on South Jetty Road Wednesday after a call to 911  Lane County Sheriff’s deputy’s arrested 49 year old Jason Cloud Besserer on charges of assault, strangulation, and menacing.  The unnamed female victim was transported to Peace Harbor hospital by Western Lane Ambulance with unspecified injuries.

Job Fair Helps Students

A steady flow of people came through the 4th annual Job Fair hosted by Three Rivers Casino Resort yesterday.  Siuslaw Schools made a couple of trips escorting seniors to the event and Mapleton Schools brought students as well.  Mapleton School Superintendent, Jodi O’mara was on hand for the event in support of her students.

“We had a couple seniors who were interested in coming and exploring the different job opportunities for after they graduate.”

Omara said it was an exciting opportunity for the students and it was in an environment that was student friendly.

“It’s friendly, it’s open, it’s casual, there’s no pressure, kids can just browse and get interested in things they may not even know they were interested in.”

Businesses from Portland to Medford were represented at the show.