Fate of Mural Selection; Be Ready Expo; Free Rides; FURA Meeting

Fate of Mural Selection

This Monday the Florence City Council will decide the fate of the Public Arts Committee Mural Project slated for the Central Lincoln PUD maintenance building.  With much controversy and public opinion pouring in over social media and through the offices of the City Council the council will now vote on whether to approve a permit to move forward.  If the permit is not approved the Public Arts Committee will have to get another submittal from the artist chosen and go through the process again of picking a design.  Comments on social media sites range from “the design is not representative” of the Florence community to “Beautifully Designed.”  Many residents say they have not had the chance to be part of the project, but the city’s own website has announced dates and times of meetings and news sources have also kept abreast of the proceedings.  Many say they would have liked a little more time from the actual selection of the design to formulate opinions and go before the Public Arts Committee with comments.  All of the Public Arts Committee’s deliberations for the project were done in open session available to the public. The City Council will convene at 5:30 Monday evening.

Be Ready Expo

This Saturday the Siuslaw News and Western Lane Emergency Operations Group will hold its “Be Ready Expo.”  The event centers around the possibility of a 9.0 earthquake event along the Cascadia Subduction Zone, but it is more about being prepared for any type of disaster or severe storm that might strike our area.  Forecasters have predicted the possibility of a large magnitude earthquake that could cut off Florence from supply lines for things like food, water, fuel, and electricity.  The Be Ready Expo will provide tips, exhibit tools and equipment, and have panel discussions about the steps to take to be prepared.  Author and columnist Dave Robinson will also share his insight into disaster prep.

“If we have an earthquake of that magnitude we will be cut-off from every avenue of rescue and supply except by air and sea.”

According to scientists, the last major quake along the subduction zone moved the earth more than 7 feet, which in today’s terms would mean roads, bridges, and homes would be seriously damaged.  The Be Ready Expo will be from 10am to 3 pm this Saturday at the Florence Event Center.

Free Rides

If you have yet to try the Rhody Express, this Friday may be the opportunity you have been waiting for…C.R.O.W is sponsoring free rides all day Friday from 10am to 6pm servicing the areas of Old Town, Fred Meyer, Peace Harbor Hospital, Three Rivers Casino, and many other areas around Florence.

FURA Meeting

The Florence Urban Renewal Agency will meet this evening at 5:30 at Florence city Hall.  The agency will get an update from the city’s project manager, Megan Messmer, on the ReVision Florence project and what the next steps will be moving forward.  They will also get a review of the history and purpose of FURA from City Manager, Erin Reynolds.