Gas Prices Continue To Spike; Siuslaw School Survey; Hazardous Waste Collection

Gas Prices Continue To Spike

The Price of a regular gallon of gas has jumped another 10 cents in Florence this week.  As of Saturday residents could still find gas around the $3 mark but on Monday stations were advertising their new prices that averaged out to 3.10 a gallon with some local stations offering it at $3.17 a gallon.  Marie Dodd with AAA Oregon says the upward trend will continue over the next several weeks as the spring driving season moves ahead.  The average price across the state of Oregon is currently $3.16 a gallon.  On average gas prices are more than 28 cents a gallon than last month.  West Coast gasoline is currently the most volatile as sharp increases hit the coastal states.  Refinery production is down from this time last year and crude oil prices are hovering around the $65 dollar mark.  In a strange reversal, locally Fred Meyer store began the day yesterday at $3.13 a gallon for regular and had posted last night at $3.03.

Siuslaw School Survey

Siuslaw school district is seeking input from all members of the community about the local school system.  The survey collects general information about age, education, and residency and inquires as to an individual’s understanding of the current facilities safety and building integrity.  There is also an opportunity for comments and asks about the failed school bond measure.  The link to the survey is  It takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Hazardous Waste Collection

This Friday and Saturday in Florence the City of Florence is sponsoring a hazardous waste cleanup at the Florence transfer station on Rhododendron drive.  This is an opportunity for local residents to dispose of products like cleaners, fluorescent tubes, lawn and garden chemicals, and paints and solvents.  This free event is limited to 35 gallons of products per household and does not include items like asbestos, pressurized cylinders or electronics.  Electronic items can be recycled daily at the transfer station.  This weekend’s event will be from noon to 5 on Friday and 8-2 on Saturday.