Florence Oregon Sand

U.S. Coast Guard Rescue; Wildland Fire Averted; Camp Offered Again; Flu Season Winds Down

U.S. Coast Guard Rescue

It took the U.S. Coast Guard about three hours to tow a disabled boat back to Florence on Saturday.  The Marauder a 32 foot boat reported in the morning that they were taking on water and their bilge pumps were unresponsive.  The coast guard dispatched a helicopter from North bend to intersect the craft that was about 36 miles west of Florence.  When they arrived another boat, the Southern Charm, was assisting the crew of the Marauder by giving them a patch kit to help slow the intake of water.  A rescue swimmer was lowered with a dewater pump.  A 47 foot boat from Coast Guard Station Siuslaw arrived to tow the boat back to Florence.  All parties involved were safely returned.

Wildland Fire Averted

The fire that destroyed a  home on Collard Lake Way last week could have become a wildland fire had it not been for the quick response of Western Lane Ambulance and Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue.  When crews arrived the entire structure was engulfed and had spread to a couple of nearby trees.  According to one report, SVFR immediately concentrated efforts to extinguish the fire that had spread to the trees averting a more dangerous and destructive fire.  Residents of the property were in the progress of moving, an out buildings were saved that had dive equipment, but the rest of their belongings were lost in the main structure.  The property owners could not be immediately located.  They were due in Florence this week.

Camp Offered Again

Siuslaw Watershed Council will once again be offering their Watershed Exploration Camp.  The camp is scheduled for June 17th through the 21st and is available for youth beginning 4th grade through 12th grade.  The Council has received additional funds for this year’s camp and will be able to provide additional age appropriate activities.  Camps focus on education about local plants, animals, rivers, lakes and forest.  Focusing on the work the Council does.  Cost of the camp is $75.00 and scholarships are available.

Flu Season Winds Down

According to the Oregon Health Authority, the incidents of flu and flu like symptoms have decreased rapidly in the past two weeks.  Only 14 cases out of 584 tested showed positive for flu.  This is down 2/3 thirds from previous weeks spelling the end of the flu season.  The OHA did not officially proclaim the end of the season, but Oregon, like most of the nation is currently listed at the lowest level of activity for flu.