Revision Construction Switches to Night Work; Open House; Low Summer Tides; SVFR/WLAD

Revision Construction Switches to Night Work

Daytime lane closures on highway 101 will be removed tomorrow in time for the Memorial Day Weekend in Florence.  Beginning Monday evening at 8 pm crews will begin night work on the west side of the highway and that work will last approximately 3 weeks.  Crews will be on site from 8pm until 6am each day until the west side construction is finished.  Construction on the east side of the highway will begin in mid June or shortly after the night time construction is completed.  Work on the East side of Highway 101 will be done predominately during daylight hours.  Work will begin from the south end, just north of the Siuslaw River Bridge and work northward towards highway 126.

Open House

The City of Florence is making a big push to see that residents are at the Residential Code Update Open House.  The event is this evening at 5:30 and community members are welcome to drop in and share their thoughts on the process.  Workforce housing is an issue that the council would like to solve over the next several years, and codes will have to be updated in order to facilitate that.  City Manager Erin Reynolds says that code updates are overdue.  According to Reynolds the last housing code update was 35 years ago.  There will be a presentation this evening on the proposed changes and that will begin at 5:45.

Low Summer Tides

This summer extreme low tides will hit the Oregon coastline.  Coastal explorers will have an extended view of popular attractions like the Devil’s Punchbowl, Thor’s well at Cape Perpetua and the Sujameco Shipwreck in North Bend.  The lowest tides of the summer will occur between June 4th and 6th, July 3rd through 5th and August 1st and 2nd.


This evening’s joint meeting of the SVFR and WLAD boards will not include a submittal for approval of the 2019-2020 budgets.  Although both budgets have been approved in committee the vote to move forward with them is expected to come during their June 12th joint meeting.  Tonight’s meeting will be at 6pm at the main fire station at 2625 Highway 101.