Nova Urgent Care Opening; Free Fishing…; New Reedsport Chief; Yard Debris Disposal

Nova Urgent Care Opening

Nova Health at 4480 Highway 101 opens its doors tomorrow to urgent care patients.  The company has been gearing up for several months to provide the service while also providing primary care physicians for local residents.  Clinic Manager Brittany Elliot says the facility is there for when you have that sudden need to seek care.

“Urgent Care, you know, if you are out gardening and you accidently slice your hand and you have a laceration you can walk in, so it’s really just there for  urgent needs.”

Jeff Meyers is the Chief of Staff at Nova Health.  Meyers says that where Nova fits in is right between the emergency room and minute clinics that might be located at your local pharmacy.

“We’re a hybrid, we’re joining urgent care clinics and primary care clinics to provide a little bit more access to people because they’re having trouble getting into the emergency rooms.”

Office hours will be 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday and will expand in the fall to 7 days a week.

Free Fishing…

This weekend the Oregon Department of Fish and wildlife have declared it a free fishing weekend.  This Saturday and Sunday no license, tag or endorsement is required to fish, crab, or clam anywhere in Oregon, providing the area is currently open for it.  ODFW says that tuna lovers can take advantage of fish that are relatively close.  Bass and trout fishing are also reportedly good as well as salmon.  ODFW also reminds anglers to practice safe boating and wear your life vests while on the water.

New Reedsport Chief

The City of Reedsport is welcoming a new police chief.  The city will swear in Matt Smart as their new law enforcement director on Thursday, August 22.  Smart has served the community for 20 years and was promoted to corporal on February 5th of 2018.  He will take over for interim police chief Bob Gross.  The ceremony will take place on 4th street in front of the Police Department. At 5 pm.

Yard Debris Disposal

This Saturday is yard debris disposal in Florence.  Disposal location is on 27th street and kingwood at the north end of the airport.  Disposal costs are $11 for standard pickup truck load or small utility trailer (single axle or less; $16 for a medium utility trailer (10-12 feet in length); and $21 for a large utility trailer (12-18 feet).  Over 20 cubic yards is $21 plus $5 for each additional cubic yard.  Please bring cash for payment.