Waterline Project; No Relief at the Pumps; Ocean Quake; Florence Planning Commission Meeting

Waterline Project

Engineers are working on a project to complete a water line upgrade that will add a new waterline along the stretch of 9th street from Rhododendron to kingwood and then south to Rhododendron.  Public Works Director, Mike Miller says it is about a 1.8 million dollar upgrade.

“They’re doing the survey work in preparation of installing a new 16 inch water main.”

Miller says the project will finish the loop of adding a new line from west 9th street where it meets Rhododendron up to kingwood then south to Rhododendron. He says this will be fairly non-invasive for residential water.

“They should not notice any interruption of services because we will be able to transfer those lines right over to the new line.”

Miller say survey and engineering work should be completed and plans done by early spring 2020 and project going to bid by summer and construction beginning late summer with completion sometime near April 2021.


No Relief at the Pumps

By now we should be talking lower gas prices at the pump, but Florence and the rest of the west coast is still dealing with supply and inventory issues.  This past week the average price of a gallon of regular gas jumped another 13 cents to $3.23.  California refineries are trying to replenish their inventory after 5 different installations experienced maintenance problems in late September.  Problems were discovered as they were moving to winter blend fuels and caused major interruptions in supply.  The rest of the nation is seeing slow decreases in price per gallon, while Oregon, Washington, and California are increasing.

Ocean Quake

The USGS is reporting another earthquake off the coast of Oregon.  A 4.6 quake registered 197 km off the coast of Bandon yesterday morning at around 6:27 am.  there were no watches or warnings associated with this quake.

Florence Planning Commission Meeting

The Florence planning commission will meet tonight at 5:30 at City Hall and part of their discussion will be the relocation of Pro Lumber.  Owner, John LaRocco is requesting approval of a design review for a new 7200 sq.ft. metal warehouse and an expansion of existing retail space for 4385 Highway 101 in the former Woodsman Native Nursery.  LaRocco says he is hoping to make the move by the end of January.