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ReVision Florence; CEDC Committee; Gas Prices; Gas Tax Increase

ReVision Florence

After a light week last week, the crews that are working on the ReVision Florence project are back in force this week to get ready for planting of the beds along highway 101.  City Project Manager Megan Messmer says the next couple of weeks will be finishing up sidewalks and crosswalks.


“We’ll be doing some more concrete work this week and next week.  You will see the landscapers out as they finish the irrigation and the top soil.”

Messmer says there are new traffic control devices being implemented.  Drivers are urged to use caution and continue to use alternate routes into Old Town.

CEDC Committee

The City of Florence is actively looking for community members to fill vacancies in the Community and Economic Development Committee.  This ground level opportunity will bring interested parties together to help form the city’s community development, housing and parks and recreation.  The committee consists of 5 to 11 members and generally meets one a month and are active for a four year term.  The deadline for applications is December 31st.  Applications can be picked up at City Hall during regular business  hours.

Gas Prices

Gas prices are showing little movement following the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  The state of Oregon has seen a slight drop in prices with the average of regular gas being $3.18 across the state.  Locally the average price of a gallon of regular gas has held steady at $3.07 a gallon, which overall is down from a high of $3.23 a gallon in September.

Gas Tax Increase

Staying with gas prices, beginning on January 1st of 2020 the state of Oregon will increase the gas tax 2 cents as part of an overall .10 cent increase which will be rolled out in two year increments.  The first four cent raise was in January of 2018.  Revenue generated by the tax will go to highway maintenance, bridge improvements, seismic projects and preservation and culvert projects.  It is projected that the increase in tax will generate about 60 million dollars for the state.