Landslide Dangers; No Grease!; Star Wars

Landslide Dangers

With the rain and high winds expected the Oregon Department of Transportation has issued an alert for much of the central Oregon coast regarding the possibility of Landslides.  Several areas along the coast are trouble spots for the potential of earthen shifts that can quickly turn deadly.  Heavy rains and the potential for flooding can cause huge shifts in debris on mountains and cliffs along the coast with trees, rocks and boulders contained in it.  ODOT warns to travel with extreme caution especially at night.  Landslides are quick moving and often come with no warning.  A high wind warning is in the forecast for overnight tonight and a flood watch is in effect through Sunday.

No Grease!

This holiday season the City of Florence wants to remind you that it is important NOT to pour cooled fats, grease or oil down the drain.  Even small amounts of grease can cause problems in the sewage system over time and saving drippings in a separate container and then freezing it and placing it in the trash is the preferable way of disposing of it.  The combination of grease and food scraps can adversely affect your drains and the city sewer system.  The city recommends you scrape plates, pans and utensils in the trash before washing and use a sink strainer for extra protection.  For more information the city has compiled a manual to help explain good practices and problems that can occur.

Star Wars

The Final Star Wars hits theaters tonight and City Lights Cinemas is throwing a party and costume contest.  The trilogy of the trilogy completes the story line of the Skywalker/Vader arc.  Moviegoers are encouraged this evening to dress as their favorite Star Wars Character where there will be a contest and prizes beginning at 6pm.  City lights Cinemas will be showing back to back showings beginning at 7, 7:30, and 8:30.