Letter Outlines Threat Response; Icy Conditions Warning; Gas Prices; Reedsport Waterline Break

Letter Outlines Threat Response

A prank gone wrong is how the Siuslaw School district is categorizing the events that led to an increased police presence at all of the school campuses yesterday.  In a note that went out to the parents and guardians of students acknowledged that even though it may have only been a prank the schools recognized that the potential was there for emotional trauma to potential victims and others in the schools.  In the letter school superintendent Andy Grzeskowiak noted that all threats and rumors are taken seriously and depending on the type of threat information is disseminated to the appropriate people, including the community in the case of a threat to a larger group of people.  He reiterated that there was not a credible threat to students and Florence police commander Jon Pitcher said that the police presence was issued as reassurance to the students, staff, and public.  Grzeskowiak says it is now up to the police to determine criminal charges, if any, will be brought.

Icy Conditions Warning

After several accidents closed down portions of Highway 126 due to ice, the Oregon Department of Transportation issued a warning for commuters that may need to travel this morning.  With freezing temperatures overnight through the corridor to Eugene drivers are told to watch out for icy roads and remember to drive appropriately for those types of conditions.  They encourage drivers to stay off the roads when icy and that if you do have to drive, chains are the best safety choice.  ODOT says slow down, give yourself extra distance between vehicles, decrease your speed and don’t use cruise control or slam on your breaks.  Use trip check to plan your route and carry an emergency kit that includes food, water and blankets.  ODOT says crews will be working around the clock to prepare roads for safe travel.

Gas Prices

Gasoline stock piles are on the increase and demand for fuel is on the decline and that has caused prices to remain stagnant for the last week around most of the nation.  Oregon prices, statewide, have fallen a penny according to Marie Dodds with AAA Oregon.  She says that demand is at its lowest on record for the start of the year since 2016 and stocks are at 252 million barrels which is the highest ever recorded for a new year.  Locally Florence prices have dipped a nickel and are currently at $2.92 a gallon for regular gas.

Reedsport Waterline Break

The city of Reedsport issued a release of a water line break.  Service was out for several  hours in the area of Greenwood and Hawthorne as well as 19th and 20th streets.  There was no call for the need to boil water as a result of the break according to Reedsport’s Public Works Director Kim Clardy.