Treatment Plant Upgrades; Linnman Picked for Grand Marshall; Girls Scout Cookies Sales End

Treatment Plant Upgrades

The wastewater plant at the City of Florence is currently undergoing upgrades to the odor control units.  The plant has been operational since early 2000 and this will be the first time the units have been replaced.  According to public works director Mike Miller a few changes have to be made in order for the plant to be able to accept the new units.

“Our digester and sludge storage tank there is some plumbing that needs to be done and some other minor modifications before we are ready to receive the unit and then plumb it into the system.”

There are two units preparing for installation with a third unit yet to be delivered.  Miller says it was important not to have the third unit sitting around until they were ready for it, due to the life expectancy of the unit.  And while the plant goes virtually unnoticed, the new upgrades will enhance it even more.

 “If you don’t smell it today, you are really not going to smell it here at the end of March when the two units actually go online because its going to be a major enhancement to the wastewater treatment plant.”

Miller says the often harsh environment on the coast along with the byproducts of the plant can take a toll on equipment making it very necessary to keep upgrades current.

Linnman Picked for Grand Marshall

It is a case of history meets nostalgia as the city prepares for another Rhododendron Days.  The Florence aras Chamber of Commerce revealed yesterday that it will feature as the parade’s Grand Marshall Paul Linnman.  50 years ago Linnman was a reporter for KATU-TV and was present when the Oregon Highway Division, now ODOT, detonated a whale on the Florence Beach.  Linnman was just 23 at the time and in the modern age of the internet the video has been viewed several million times.  Linnman said that when he got the invitation to take part in the 50th anniversary he and his wife Vicki knew that they had to do it.  The parade will culminate events for the Rhody Festival on May 17th.

Girls Scout Cookies Sales End

If you love Girl Scout cookies it is your last chance to get them this weekend as sales come to an end on Sunday the 8th of March.  Local Girl Scout leader Lisa Spencer says this year locally they have hit several records in sale.

“If we sell through all of our boxes this weekend we’ll be a little over 5000, we usually do a little over 3000.”

Spencer says local troops will be out in force this weekend at two very popular spots.

“The Florence troops will be at Fred Meyer and Safeway.  We plan to be there Friday from 4-8 and Saturday and Sunday from 10-8.”

If you haven’t yet had your fill this weekend is your last chance.  Don’t miss it you know you’ll want Samoas.