Restaurant Alliance Formed; Cold Weather Shelter to Open Saturday

Restaurant Alliance Formed

This morning a group of 25 local Restaurateurs gathered on Bay street in a show of solidarity.  The newly formed Florence Restaurant Alliance is standing together to reassure the public that they continue to be completely dedicated to the health and safety of their guests.  Elaine McMillan with HomeGrown Public House spoke regarding their mission.

“This alliance is between all of our local restaurants, we are committed to public safety above and beyond cleanliness.  Our main focus is to keep the public safe and to ensure as always we are protecting their safety and their interests.”

Many of the participants have committed to adding curbside pickup as well as working with local delivery services to provide more availability to customers.  With spring approaching business owners want to ensure that the public is aware that they are and have been doing all of the things necessary to provide a safe dining environment.

Cold Weather Shelter to Open

The Florence cold weather shelter will be opening tomorrow evening as the temperatures are predicted to drop to the freezing level. Greg Wood says registration will begin at 5 pm and transportation will be provided from Fred Meyers, Safeway and the Florence Public Library between 5 and 6 pm.  Wood says they are also taking special precautions in light of the COVID-19 Virus.