Gazebo on the Siuslaw River

School Cancelled; Chamber Office Temporary Shut Down; Restaurants come Together; COVID Updates; City Of Florence

School Cancelled

Local Schools are responding to the executive order from Governor Kate Brown and closing schools until the end of the month.  Brown’s initial executive order did not specifically target schools, but limits activities where a space of at least three feet between individuals cannot be maintained. A subsequent notice from the governor stated that schools will be closed from March 16th until the 31st in order to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.  Siuslaw School board president Guy Rosinbaum issued a release stating that some basic education will continue via remote access and that the school working to maintain services like breakfast and lunch.  Some of the planning, according to Rosinbaum will be “on the Fly” as this is the first time a situation of this magnitude has presented itself.  Six more cases have been added to the list of positive cases in Oregon yet still none in Lane County.  Officials hope that this quick response will be a determining factor in keeping the spread from hitting us locally.

Chamber Office Temporary Shut Down

Florence is a active volunteer community, and a large portion of those volunteers are in the age bracket that is most in danger of contracting and suffering severe illness and even death from COVID-19.  For this reason the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce will shut its doors until further notice.  Executive Director Bettina Hannigan sent out a press release encouraging those that are likely to be unaffected by the virus to continue to shop and dine locally.  Hannigan even encouraged those that are able to look after those that need to be self quarantined.

Restaurants come Together

Some businesses have opted to close for the foreseeable future rather than take a chance, but most operators will continue operating for the time being.  A group of local restaurants is coming together today to let locals and travelers know what they are doing to maintain safe establishments.  The group will also be discussing safety and sanitation hoping to curb anxieties that have arisen due to the coronavirus.

COVID Updates

Coast Radio will be maintaining a page on its website as well as Facebook detailing all of the closings and different services that are being offered by some businesses.  Businesses like BeauxArts which is offering to bring art supplies to your door if you are immune compromised, and Full Spectrum Computers which is offering free pickup and delivery for computer repairs.  The Siuslaw watershed Council has also announced that they will cancel their film event “the Beaver Believers” which was slated for March 31st at City Lights Cinemas.

City Of Florence

The City of Florence is staying connected with Lane County Public Health and is coordinating with West Lane Emergency Operations Group.  Megan Messmer with the city says that they are meeting on a regular basis to stay on top of changes and prepare in the event of a local emergency.