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NCAA Extends Eligibility; Sports in Limbo

NCAA Extends Eligibility

With sporting activities ground to a halt all around the country the NCAA Division 1 council has extended the eligibility for athletes that would have participated in spring sports.  Division I rules limit students to four seasons in a five year period.  Schools will now be allowed to self-apply a one year extension only for those athletes that have been affected by the cancellation.  Schools were also given the flexibility to expand player rosters for those who would have exhausted their eligibility during the 19-20 season.  Also included is the schools ability to use the NCAA Student Assistance Fund to pay for scholarships for those same students.

Sports in Limbo

High school sports are in limbo.  Siuslaw Baseball coach, Tom Shinn, says efforts to encourage OSAA to allow for sports to resume when the virus has passed holds no real weight, it is more of a concerted effort to show the organization that schools are not wanting to give up on the season.  He says there are difficulties that come with trying to coordinate schedules past the regular school calendar as coach and student availability becomes an issue.  While hope still holds on the likelihood of resuming play is minimal.