ReVision Celebration Will Happen…

The COVID-19 pandemic has been to blame for much of the upheaval throughout the government and private sector business.  Sick workers, social distancing requirements, and business shut downs has brought many business ventures to a screeching halt.  One of the hopes for revision Florence was that the impact would not affect the completion of the project.  But we are learning that some things are not controllable.  The City of Florence’s ReVision project has been delayed, partly because of weather but also because of the economic environment that has cast its shadow.  Mayor Joe Henry says that one of the finishing pieces of the project, the gateway entrances, may not come for some time.

“They’re primarily being constructed off site with some of the work being done right now hopefully being completed by the end of June depending, of course, on the impact the virus has going forward.”

Mayor Henry says that there will be a celebration later in the summer as long as the restrictions have been lifted.  Today and tomorrow crews are working on the restriping of Highway 101.  ODOT got much of the work done yesterday due to the weather.