Florence Oregon Covid-19 News

Second Lane County Death From COVID-19 Reported

A second suspected death in Lane County from the coronavirus was reported by Lane County Health Officials.  The 59 year old male died last night in the hospital.  He suffered from pre-existing medical conditions and was from the Eugene/Springfield area.  That brings the death toll in Oregon to 84. 2,679 tests have been completed but may be less than the total number of tests conducted.  The state of Oregon has now tested more than 44 thousand people for the coronavirus.  New numbers out yesterday have moved the total number of confirmed cases to 2,127.  Lane County is still reporting 50 reported the latest death was included in that number.   Even with more deaths reported researchers say that swift response to the COVID-19 pandemic may have prevented as many as 70 thousand cases and up to 1,500 hospitalizations.