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Kidnapping Scam; Parks to Remain Closed; COVID-19 Death Totals Reach 99; Hospital Ready For Surgery

Kidnapping Scam

The Florence Police Department is warning of a new scam that has been popping up in Florence.  Commander John Pitcher says they have already received several calls about a phone scam where the caller is claiming to have abducted a female child and are holding them ransom.  They even put a young female on the phone saying “Help me mom.”  Pitcher says the number that was given to each caller appears to be an out of country number, possibly Mexico.  Pitcher says it is important to disseminate this information so that people are aware of the situation.  If you receive one of these calls you can contact the Florence Police to report it.

Parks to Remain Closed

Oregon Parks and Recreation has made the decision to extend the park closures past May 8th.  there will be no opening date issued for any day use at any state park.  The new date for the extension however will be May 25th.  if the parks decide to reopen prior to the 25th, notice will be given to those whose current reservations have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Death Totals Reach 99

The death toll for coronavirus patients is nearing 100.  Yesterday the Oregon health Authority announced that 7 more deaths have been attributed to COVIC-19 bringing the number to 99 in the state.  All 7 of the victims had underlying health conditions.  3 were from Multnomah County, 2 were from Marion County, one from Clackamas County and one from Yamhill County. There were also 32 new reported cases of the virus with 13 of them in Multnomah County.  The Lane County Health Department is still holding their number at 50. With 3,082 tests conducted.  Statewide there have been 2,385 confirmed cases with over 52 thousand tests conducted.

Hospital Ready For Surgery

On Friday Peace Harbor Hospital will begin rescheduling patients for elective surgeries.  Orthopedic, OB-GYN, and general procedures will resume.  Dr. Ron Shearer, Medical Director with Peace Harbor says new guidelines are in place to assure patients that it is safe to begin operating again.  The state order says the hospital can start off at 50% of its capabilities while ensuring that they have enough PPE for staff and patients, minimize transfers to assisted care facilities following surgeries, and minimize contact between patients and staff and provide adequate spacing in the waiting areas prior to admission.   Shearer says he doesn’t think the schedule will get full right away.

”So I’m not sure we are  going to have to restrict too much unless the schedule starts getting full, if it does we’ll be doing the ones that have the most risk if you delay them further.”

The hospital will be able to expand capabilities on May 15th, Shearer believes that by that date people will be more comfortable committing to having their procedures done.