No Clues For Fall; Phases Dictate Prep/Collegiate Schedules

No Clues For Fall

No movement on the sporting front as the immediate future is still unknown.  The governor says that no sporting events with an audience will be allowed until the corona virus is under control, Brown included that she would like to see a vaccine before fully returning to normal activities.  Football fans are waiting to hear what the PAC-12 will do for fall, with several school already announcing that they plan to open for students, but California Schools are not yet ready to commit.  23 universities in the California State University system will go almost exclusively online which will prevent the playing of sports.  Stanford Coach David Shaw says they are in Never Never land and has no idea what will happen in the fall and beyond.

Phases Dictate Prep/Collegiate Schedules

The next several weeks will help to determine what the fall will hold.  In order to have the hopes of a normal prep and college season the individual phases of reopening will have to move forward.  It will be at least 3 weeks of Phase One for Oregon.  The hopes are that Phases 2 and 3 will move along quickly without any covid hiccups.