Oregon’s OSHA Making Calls; Personal Item Pickup for Students; SOS Has Energy Funds Left; National Guard Fly-Over; Streets Packed for Memorial Weekend

Oregon’s OSHA Making Calls

Oregon’s Occupational Safety and health Administration spent Saturday responding to complaints about businesses that were operating without masks, specifically food service establishments.  One of the complaints that one owner had was that the rules were not clear.  His business was still operating only as a takeout business which prior to phase one did not have the same restrictions.  OSHA process would be to place a call to a business that had been turned in through either the Lane County Hotline or through local authorities in order to confirm email addresses, and then send stern warnings via email, reminding businesses of the restrictions now in place.  Coast Radio news could not find any instance of an actual citation being issued, but according to the guidelines set forth for the Phase one Reopening, that could be a possibility if infractions continue.  One Roseburg restaurant was fined 14 thousand dollars for defying the governors stay home save lives executive order by opening earlier than allowed.  But currently no citations have been issued locally for failure to wear masks.

Personal Item Pickup for Students

If you have a student from Siuslaw elementary, tomorrow is the day to pick up their personal belongings.  Elementary School Principal, Mike Harklerode says about half of the students have already gotten their items, but the rest will need to come and get theirs.  Staff will be on hand tomorrow and again on Wednesday from 3 until 7 pm.  Families can drive up and school staff will locate the bag with your student’s belonging for you, no need to even get out of your vehicle.  Harklerode says he will also be hosting a zoom meeting to discuss fall registration.  that meeting will be at 6 pm on Thursday..

SOS Has Energy Funds Left

Siuslaw Outreach Services has reported that they have funds still available through their Low Income Housing Energy assistance Program.  They are currently taking signups and will disperse funds as long as they are available.  The program is designed to help low income families provide energy assistance. Signups can be done in person at SOS located at 1576 w. 12th street, or via phone at 997-2816

National Guard Fly-Over

At 11:40 this morning the Oregon National Guard will fly over Peace harbor hospital in Florence.  The fly over is in support of front line medical workers.  The f-15 jets will fly over at about 2000 feet.  If you happen to capture video of the event you are encouraged to post them using the hashtag AirForceSalutes #AFFlyover and #flyoverFriday

Streets Packed for Memorial Weekend

Streets were lined with visitors in old town and traffic was back as Memorial Day weekend brought a nervous spark back to the coast.  Businesses up and down bay street were dealing with social distancing restrictions as patrons, many not wearing masks shopped.  One local patron sitting in front of the Beachcomber said he specifically came to see how many people were wearing PPE and he was surprised at how few were.  One very crowded area was the dunes as recreational vehicles paraded down 126 to access the popular recreational site.  This as Lane County reported on Friday that there are now 67 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Lane County.  That figure was released on Friday and the next report will not be until tomorrow.  Statewide there have been 3,927 reported cases with 148 deaths.  There are still no confirmed cases of the virus for the Florence area.