Training Schedule Postponed; Minor Leagues Unsure Future

There was supposed to be a release of the upcoming football training schedule for the Siuslaw Vikings.  The coaches and staff have decided to wait another day after new ODE guidelines came down the pike yesterday.  There will be a review of the new policies and procedures today and a possible decision could be posted as early as this evening, but might be moved back again depending on the extent of changes that may need to occur under the new rules.  Athletic Director Chris Johnson simply said when asked about moving forward that “it’s a work in progress.”


After Major League Baseball announced that it would be moving forward with a 60 game season, the hopes would be that the Eugene Emeralds and the rest of the Northwest League would soon be back on the diamond, but as of this morning the league has a posted note from June 12 that the season is still postponed until further notice.  Reports are out that cost cutting measures could permanently damage the developmental pipeline that feeds prospects to the Majors.  Hopes for a minor league season are all but dashed.