Public Health Officials Warn: Stay Home, Limit Travel

With Coronavirus cases on a constant upswing in the state, Lane County public health officials are expressing concern with the amount of travel that is happening, especially when it comes to visitors to the coast.  Traffic levels are not waning despite a strong emphasis from Lane County to stay home.  12 cases are currently being reported for the 97439 area and that is why LCPH information director, Jason Davis says following guidelines is essential.

“That’s why masking, social distancing, keeping your travel and your social gatherings as limited as humanly possible is so important.”

Davis says without the public’s help it is nearly impossible for county health officials to do their job.

“Unfortunately we are just not seeing the general community and people from outside the area traveling to Florence abiding by the recommendations to a level that is going to keep us safe.”

He says that if the community doesn’t take this outbreak seriously, we could see the virus grow through community spread which would be dangerous for individuals and devastating for businesses, as the possibility of returning to a phase one status, or shutting down completely could be a very real possibility.