COVID-19 Numbers Up While Percentages Decrease; Vaccine Hopes; OCHS New Board; Fire Danger High

COVID-19 Numbers Up While Percentages Decrease

There have been consistent daily increases in the COVID-19 pandemic, but according to the Oregon Health Authority ther is an overall decrease in the percentages of positive test results.  This week the OHA is reporting that 5.1 percent of tests are coming back positive which is a 1.5 percent decrease from last week.  Their published weekly report says large outbreaks are on the decline while sporadic cases have increased which is consistent with community spread.  Yesterday the OHA confirmed 304 new cases of the coronavirus with 13 cases attributed to Lane County for a total of 17,721 statewide and 474 cases in the county.  There are currently no new reported cases in the Florence area.  The death toll for the state is 311 with 8 new reported deaths yesterday.  All but one of those deaths had confirmed underlying health conditions, with one case still unconfirmed.  The OHA also put out a statement denying the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19.  According to the statement extensive research completed in June shows no benefit for decreasing the likelihood of death or attributing to a speedy recovery based on an FDA study.

Vaccine Hopes

Researchers are finding positive results with the search for a vaccine for the coronavirus, with the hopes of a an end of year roll out if the second phase of the clinical trials goes well.  According to Dr. Willy Foster with Peace Harbor Hospital, the trials are going well, but even with a vaccine, it may be some time before a national roll out will happen.

“Initially that vaccine will be fairly limited when it first comes out.  It takes a while to make hundreds of millions of doses of the vaccine.”

And when it is released, Foster says it will go to those most at risk from the virus.

“Frontline workers, Healthcare workers, EMS, people that are exposed a lot and for those patients that are at much higher risk, the elderly with multiple medical problems.”

There are currently 27 different vaccines that are in trials.

OCHS New Board

Shauna Robbers will continue in the roll of president for the Oregon Coast Humane Society according to a release issued yesterday.  Judy Thibault has been named vice-president, Sandy Davidson continues as treasurer and Judy Roth as secretary.  Laurie Arms and Michael Kello of Florence were elected as new board members earlier this month.  Board members serve a three year term.

Fire Danger High

Fire danger along the coast as well as the majority of western Oregon is high according to the Oregon Department of Forestry.  The lack of significant rainfall and higher temperatures are the reason for the alert.  ODF warns that any burning during this time is extremely dangerous and prohibited.  Current restriction for Lane County include No Debris Burning, Campfires only in designated locations, no fireworks, no exploding targets or sky lanterns, no mowing of dry grass between 10am and 8 pm and no power saws during that same period.