OSAA Establishes New Sports Schedule; Johnson Sees OSAA Decision as a Good One

OSAA Establishes New Sports Schedule

Yesterday the OSAA met and established the process for moving forward with sports.  The new calendar will break up the sports into three distinct seasons.  Traditional winter sports will begin in late December and continue through February followed by fall sports, football, soccer, cross country, and then in March spring sports will take center stage.  There will be some overlap with the seasons which could provide some challenges for students that are multi-sport athletes.  Each season will consist of 7 weeks.  How playoffs and post season championships will be run has yet to be determined by OSAA.  Peter Weber, OSAA’s Executive Director says all games and post season contests will be subject to the guidelines set forth by the Governor’s office, the OHA and the Oregon Department of Education at the time the events occur.

Johnson Sees OSAA Decision as a Good One

Siuslaw Football Head Coach Sam Johnson says the news is good from OSAA in that there will be a season, with an emphasis on what is best for the students.

202: “in the midst of a global pandemic we have a group of people looking out for us and looking out for the kids best interests getting them active and trying to allow them to play sports.”

Johnson says one of the challenges is that his defensive coach is also the head baseball coach Tom Shinn, he says it will be interesting trying to coordinate practices with students involved in both sports, but he says he’s confident that they will find a way to make it happen.