Where Are The Sports?

If you are a sports fan it might be a difficult time right now.  Normally it is the beginning of a very busy college and high school sports schedule with football, soccer, volleyball, and cross country events to watch or keep stats on, but some are finding that rebroadcasts of sporting events are getting them through.  Universities like Oregon State have been rebroadcasting football games, but not just any games, games that had a significant impact of fans.  You are not likely to find a game where your favorite team was destroyed by an opponent unless you are looking at that opponents website.  The Beavers recently began a rebroadcast of their Fiesta Bowl Championship back in 2000.  However a quick search of the Oregon Ducks site at goducks.com there are no tabs for watching nostalgic games.  If you have to have your fix of football, and you are not necessarily an NFL fan, you can find games from the past on the Pac-12 networks and at Pac-12.com