Florence Oregon Covid-19 News

Lane Surpasses All Counties in Daily COVID-19 Numbers; Volunteers Help Stock Shelves; Price of Gas Dips; Day of Prayer

Lane Surpasses All Counties in Daily COVID-19 Numbers

The surge of coronavirus cases and infectious individuals continues to mount in Lane County. Yesterday’s total added 48 more cases, but the alarming total according to Public Health officials  is the 143 infectious individuals, the highest total so far.  Lane County Public Health spokesperson Jason Davis says the number is likely to climb over the next several weeks.  He said without a clear path to the origins of cases it is likely to spread.  In a release earlier this week Davis explained that small gatherings are likely the culprit.  27 new infectious cases were reported yesterday and there was also one new death for Lane County increasing that total to 16.  A 75 year old man from the Eugene/Springfield area is the latest to die.  New cases of the coronavirus is likely to cause problems for the reopening of schools as the percentage of positive tests have increased to 6.2 percent which rises above the 5% cap the OHA had said was necessary for schools to return to in class instruction.  Here in Florence there hasn’t been a new reported case in a week and the total stands at 22.  Statewide there were 193 new cases and for the first time since monitoring, Lane County exceeded all other counties in new cases.  There were 6 new deaths reported statewide.

Volunteers Help Stock Shelves

Volunteers showed up in droves yesterday to help unload a tractor trailer of food at both the Mapleton and Florence Food Share.  The food, donated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, was equally distributed to both locations.  A total of 40,600 pounds of food made its way to the shelves on hand trucks and fork lifts.  The church’s outreach often distributes food to needy communities, but has ramped up their donations since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.  There has also been concern about those affected by the wildfires prompting a stop in our local community.  The Florence and Mapleton Food Shares distribute thousands of pounds of food weekly to needy individuals.

Price of Gas Dips

The average price of a gallon of regular gas has dipped to $2.39 this week as demand remains relatively low.  With the end of summer and travel being limited by the coronavirus prices are expected to remain low.  According to Marie Dodds with AAA Oregon there was a slight increase in demand for the Labor Day Weekend, but it was still significantly lower than the same time last year.  In fact about ½ a million barrels a day lower nationwide.  Storms in the gulf are not expected to have a widespread effect on prices, but mainly stay regional.

Day of Prayer

Local pastors have joined together to have a time of prayer this Saturday.  People are being asked to meet at noon in the parking lot at the corner of Maple and 9th street.  Pastor Dale Edwards with Cross Road Assembly says the prayer group will be praying for political leaders of the nation, state, and  local as well as educators, medical personnel, military and first responders.  Edwards emphasized that this is not a politically motivated gathering, nor a social justice event, but a spiritual one.