Down, Set, Hut…Football is a Go.

The Pac-12 presidents came out of the huddle yesterday to announce that they will be hiking the ball this season.  After reviewing information provided by the conference’s medical advisory board a decision was made to move forward with a 7 game season beginning on November 6th.  The games will be played without fans and teams, according to the Pac-12, can begin practicing immediately.  The Pac-12’s inclusion rounds out the big 5 conferences.  Concerns about the coronavirus still loom as does the potential for injury.  After a devastating first two weeks of the NFL, where injuries abounded, there is concern that teams might not be ready for the physicality of play in time.  Pac-12 CEO group leader and President of the university of Oregon, Michael Schill says student athlete safety is still at the forefront and a priority for all of the Pac-12 schools.