Coaches Like Shough; Herbert Gets the Nod

Coaches Like Shough

Mario Cristobal and the rest of the coaches with the Oregon Ducks seem to be leaning towards Tyler Shough for quarterback.  Shough is a sophomore and had a few brief appearances after Justin Herbert injured his shoulder in 2018.  In 2019 Shough appeared is September against Nevada after the Ducks established a commanding lead.  Shough’s first pass completion was a touchdown to Jaylon Redd.  The coaches will get a closer look today as the Pac-12 has approved the start of practices.  The Ducks and the Beavers will have their first games on November 7th.

Herbert Gets the Nod

Former Duck QB Justin Herbert was slated to return to the bench after the injured Tyrod Taylor returned to playing status, but yesterday the LA Chargers Coach, Anthony Lynn said that based on his three game performance Herbert would be the starter from here on out.  Lynn said he is confident that Herbert will continue to get better and he knows they can win with him at the helm.  The Chargers face the Saints Monday night.