The Ballots Are Coming…Soon; PETA Wants Animal Cruelty Charges Added To Firestarter; Highest Single Day Total: Oregon; Record Total For Lane County

The Ballots Are Coming…Soon

If you are wondering where your ballot is you are not alone.  Questions from Oregonians across social media platforms like Facebook are coming across in heavy numbers, likely die to all the negative press about mail-in balloting across the U.S. but Lane County Clerk of Court, Cheryl Betschart says Oregonians are jumping the gun.

“This is the normal statutory time frame in which counties can mail ballots to eligible voters.  so we are doing and following the same practice we have previously followed so there will be plenty enough time for voter to get their ballot, open it, cast their ballot, and return it to us.”

Betschart says even th ough they can mail out ballots in late September it is usually the second week of October before the ballots are mailed.

“Lane County Election ballots to all eligible voters will be deposited at the post office on Thursday October 15th.”

She says that if you have not yet registered to vote you have until this Tuesday the 13th to complete your voter registration.

“They can do that at or if they need a paper card we have them here at Lane County Elections.”

Betschart says there is no need to worry about ballots.  She says they have an excellent relationship with the postal service in Oregon that has been established over the past 20 years of mail in balloting.

PETA Wants Animal Cruelty Charges Added To Firestarter

The People for the ethical treatment of Animals has petitioned the Lane County District attorney to consider charges of animal cruelty against the man accused of setting the Sweet Creek Milepost 2 fire.  Nicole Meyer is a spokesperson with PETA

“PETA is asking the DA to consider filing animal cruelty charges since an untold number of animals died in that fire.”

Elias Newton Pendergrass is going before a judge on Monday for a pre-trial hearing. PETA’s letter to the DA states that they believe Pendergrass should be charged with Animal abuse in the first degree as it is described in ORS 167.320.  the law states that a person can be considered for the crime if they “recklessly causes serious physical injury to an animal…or…cruelly causes the death of an animal.”  Pendergrass was identified as the person responsible for the fire that was started on August 30th.

Highest Single Day Total: Oregon

Yesterday marked the highest single day total for coronavirus cases in Oregon.  484 new cases were confirmed yesterday along with 11 new deaths.  There has been a steady rise over the past few weeks according to the Oregon Health Authority.  Deputy State Health Officer and State epidemiologist dr. Tom Jeanne says the cases have been caused mainly by infections passed at social gatherings, workplaces, and long-term care facilities.  Jeanne asks the community to continue to wear masks, wash hands and avoid gathering in groups.

Record Total For Lane County

The Lane County total of coronavirus cases also peaked yesterday with 71 new cases reported.  And one of the 11 deaths was an 82 year old man from Lane County who tested positive on September 25th and died on Wednesday.  There are now 279 cases considered infectious in the county.  The total number of cases for Lane County is 1,673.  There have been no new reported cases for the 97439 zip code.  That number is still at 24.