Ducks and Beavers Begin Practice

Just 4 weeks away from opening day the Ducks began practice. Over the weekend the coaches got a first look at how the athletes worked together after a long absence.  The Ducks are still ranked 12th in the AP poll and hopes are high for a Pac-12 championship.  Defensive coordinator Andy Avalos said he likes the way things are looking so far and plans on spending some time evaluating the individual players before releasing the starting line-up and subsequent depth chart for his defense.


Oregon State’s Head Football Coach, Jonathan Smith met with the press over the weekend.  He said that testing began on Friday morning at 6:30 to make sure that the athletes did not have the COVID-19 virus.  He said it took about and hour and 15 minutes to clear all his players for practice.  Smith said he was impressed at how well things were coming together, in fact, he said for a day one practice it looked better than other day one practices in the past.  He said that the team and coaches are excited now that they have a schedule and knew that the games would be played.