Annexation Public Hearing; COVID-19 Sites Back Up; Missing Man Located; Shelter Ribbon Cutting

Annexation Public Hearing

Last night Florence City Council meeting was dedicated to a public hearing over the potential annexation of property in the northern Florence Urban Growth Boundary.  There was an extensive review of the proposal by Wendy Farley Campbell followed by comments from the developer and from opponents of the annexation.  One of the Key opposition points was the potential annexation of individuals along Oceana Drive where the proposal would require the need to run city sewer.  While the city’s policy is to not force annexation on property owners, according to Zack Mitke (sic) with Idylewood Owners LLC, the potential becomes very real based on requirements from the Oregon DEQ.

“Any Party that has a septic system can no longer repair that septic system they have to connect to that line because it is legally and physically available to their property.”

Forced annexation has been the main topic in opposing the annexation of the 48.82 acre parcel.  In addition concerns were brought up over the potential for flooding in the area.  The City Council had planned on an extended meeting on the issue, but due to the limited response they were able to conclude their meeting.  The next step towards approving or disapproving the annexation will come at the city’s council meeting on February 22.

COVID-19 Sites Back Up

After a couple of days of website maintenance the Lane County Public Health and Oregon Health Authority’s COVID-19 pages are back up.  Lane County continues to show a lesser number of cases with yesterday’s report being 53 new cases.  There have also been no new cases for the 97439 zip code in recent days.  There are currently still 16 individuals hospitalized due to the coronavirus.  Statewide cases were up a bit with 964 cases with Multnomah, Marion and Washington being the biggest contributors.  The state is also seeing a small but steady increase in vaccine supply.  As of yesterday the state has received over 665 thousand doses and have administered more than 438 thousand doses.  One not on current cases, the 964 new cases is a result of a two day reporting from January 30 and 31.

Missing Man Located

Hammond West, who was reported missing by the Lane County Sheriff’s Office has been located safe and sound in Florence.   West who was reported missing by a caregiver on January 31, 2021 after he failed to return to his home on Dilley Lane in Eugene from a walk to the market on Highway 58  was given a ride by a member of the Florence Community and was dropped off in the parking lot at the Three Rivers Casino in Florence around 7:30 p.m. last night.   The Lane County Sheriff’s office issued an update this afternoon at 1:09 pm saying that community members had spotted Mr. West.

Shelter Ribbon Cutting

This Saturday the Florence Emergency Cold Weather Shelter group will be having a ribbon cutting to celebrate the conclusion of construction at the shelter site on Highway 101 across from Sand Ranch.  There will be an opportunity for individuals to tour the facility.  The event will begin at 1pm.