Fire Chief Earns High Praise; COVID Update; Vaccines Minimize Hospital Stays; Vaccination Clinics Planned

Fire Chief Earns High Praise

The Board of Directors for the Western Lane Fire and EMS Authority, following an executive session last Thursday have released the results of the performance review given to Chief Michael Schick.  WLFEA Board president John Murphey acknowledged Schick’s accomplishments and said that Chief Schick has done a great job moving the district forward.  With the success of the past two years, Murphey suggested that it might be time to completely move all fire and EMS personel into the combined fire and ems authority.  Schick agreed that bringing everyone under one umbrella would make the district even more efficient. Division Chief Matt House also echoed Schick’s successes saying that the chief “has provided strong leadership, organization stabilization, strategic planning and forward thinking to Western Lane Fire and EMS Authority, making an immense impact towards combining the districts.

COVID Update

New cases of COVID-19 continue to be low for Lane County.  Yesterday the county reported 19 cases and no new cases for the Florence area.  The state followed suit with 217 cases and no new deaths to report.  The state is also continuing its brisk vaccination efforts reporting more than 18,000 new doses administered from Saturday and Sunday.

Vaccines Minimize Hospital Stays

The Center for Disease Control has released data from a study that the State of Oregon participated in showing that the mRNA vaccines have been 90% effective in keeping individuals out of the hospital.  The study included data collected by Kaiser Permanente Northwest Center for Health and Research.  The study included health care personnel, first responders, and other essential and frontline workers.

Vaccination Clinics Planned

There will be more vaccination clinics in Florence.  That according to assistant city Manager Megan Messmer.  Messmer says that there are no firm dates, but they are coordinating with lane county to prepare for the next phase of eligible candidates.

“One of the most notable ones is the frontline workers which become eligible next Monday, April 5th.”

Messmer also said that Lane County has updated their registration process, eligible groups can now go to the website and schedule an appointment.

“Once those clinics are announced you can logon to their website and just go schedule your first dose or your second dose depending on what you need.”

The site is located at