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City Awaits Funds; Vaccinations Slow; New COVID-19 Cases Drop; Nicholson Due In Court

City Awaits Funds

The City of Florence is still anticipating the arrival of Federal Funds from recent monies allocated to small municipalities and cities by the American Rescue Plan Act.  The city of Florence is planning on approximately 1.8 million dollars in funds from the ARPA and have included the monies in their biennial budget.  The money has not been specifically earmarked in the budget but according to assistant City Manager Megan Messmer there is to be a discussion as to how those funds will be used.  She says currently there is not a date for that discussion, but the conversation will likely be initiated in a city council work session.  Some of the potential uses for the funds include revenue enhancements to replace lost revenues due to COVID-19, retrofits to facilities to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions, assistance to local businesses and assistance for childcare.  Budget information regarding the funds can be found on the city’s budget on page 127.  The budget is online at

Vaccinations Slow

The percentage of Oregonians having received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine has risen a tenth of a percent.  There have now been 68.9 percent of the population at least partially vaccinated.  This includes ages 16 and up.  Outlying counties still are lagging behind the more populous areas of the state and have not shown much movement over the past several weeks.  The major metropolitan areas and several coastal communities make up the bulk of the vaccinations with counties like Lake and Umatilla still below 40%.  The daily average of vaccinations continues to wane and just over 10 thousand individuals are being vaccinated.  The number has been on a steady decline over the past 6 weeks.

New COVID-19 Cases Drop

The Oregon Health Authority is reporting some positive movement on new infections and deaths, both have been on the decline of late.  The most recent week has shown a 4.7% decrease in new cases and deaths are down from 36 in the previous week to 26.  There are more hospitalizations to record though rising 9 in the past week to 161.  Lane County hospitalization numbers have also dropped.  There are currently 10 individuals in the hospital, 5 in ICU and one on a ventilator.  Lane County reported 13 new cases yesterday and the state is reporting 233 new cases.

Nicholson Due In Court

The man accused of killing three people and seriously injuring another will have his first appearance tomorrow.  Oen Evan Nicholson is suspected of killing his father Charles Nicholson and two others last Friday in North Bend.  Nicholson eluded police and was able to make his way to the Noti area and disappear into the woods.  Investigators are still going over evidence and talking to witnesses to uncover just how all the events unfolded including his ending up in Wisconsin on Sunday.