Siuslaw River Bridge

Vaccination Clinic Numbers; Lane Striping in Florence; COVID-19 Update

Vaccination Clinic Numbers

Although the numbers may not seem high, Nancy Berge with ARC in Eugene Springfield was happy with the turn out on Saturday at the vaccination Clinic at the Siuslaw Middle School.  Berge says there was a good sampling of individuals that participated.

“We had a couple juveniles, we had some latinX community members, we had some elderly folks.  We had a pretty big mix, it was good.”

ARC along with some local volunteers doled out 44 vaccinations in a two hour period according to Berge.  Most of the individuals chose the Johnson and Johnson one time shot.  There was also the Pfizer shot available.  She says that they will be coming back in three weeks for individuals to have their second shot, but they will be adding incentives to encourage the parent of 12 and up school age children and it will be a much bigger event.

“We’re going to do a back pack giveaway and hopefully if there is a food cart in Florence, we are going to try to get a food cart over here.”

Berge also said that they will be coming every three weeks until they are no longer needed in the community.

Lane Striping in Florence

Beginning today Lane County will be on the streets of Florence to begin striping of City Streets.  Florence has almos 80 miles of roadway that it maintains and under a cooperative contract with the county.  As is always the case, the City of Florence asks that individuals give the crews plenty of space and that you do not pass over freshly painted surfaces, while the paint does dry very quickly, the city and the county do not assume liability for paint on vehicles.  If a vehicle does get paint on it it should be immediately washed off with a high pressure hose using warm soapy water.

COVID-19 Update

As of Friday there were 63 overall covid-19 cases over the past two weeks.  One of the case numbers was removed from the list.  There have been 329 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.  County and state numbers continue to be higher than previous week’s totals.  The Oregon Health Authority is reporting that if numbers continue to follow the same trend cases would rapidly increase to 390 cases per 100,000, an estimated 1,170 cases per day.  Dr. Dean Sidelinger, State Public Health Officer says these current figures outline the necessity to get individuals vaccinated.  There were 1,076 cases reported on Friday with Lane County sharing 81 of those cases.  As of Friday there were 298 individuals in the hospital.  State and County websites are no longer doing daily updates on the weekend.