Florence Oregon Covid-19 News

11 New Cases-Florence; OHA COVID Report; School Mask Mandate; WLAD Board Meeting; Heat Advisory For the Valley

11 New Cases-Florence

Yesterday Lane County Public Health released its total of weekend COVID-19 cases and an alarming 11 new cases were reported for Florence.  This along with 622 new reported cases for the entire county, prompted Lane County Public Health Authorities to release public service announcements regarding vaccination clinics in the Florence area.  The flood of cases has increased the Lane County percentage of increase to 60%.  Davis says it is imperative that the message is broadcast as Florence cases continue to arise in double digit numbers.  ARC of Lane County will be holding another clinic on Saturday, August 21, from 1 to 3 pm at the Siusalw Middle School.  Davis says the hospitals are reaching capacity with COVID-19 cases and that the Delta variant is very prevalent in the county.


The Oregon Health Authority’s cumulative weekend total was 3,229 new cases and there are now 575 beds dedicated to the coronavirus.  There were also 14 new deaths reported.  The OHA is also reporting that there have been 5 additional breakthrough deaths associated with coronavirus a total of 10.  This is a correction from a previously released report from August 5th.  that drops the percentage of unvaccinated death from 9% to 18%.  The OHA reported that it is too soon to know if this is the trend as data is limited at this time.

School Mask Mandate

There is a move to get ahead of the State’s new requirements on masking of children in Oregon Schools.  A group is organizing to gather individuals who will speak out against masking students in the Siuslaw School District.  School Superintendent Andy Grzeskowiak distributed a breakdown of the new regulations and the penalties that are associated with non compliance.  The Schools could receive civil penalties that amount to $500.00 per instance of violation, per day.  Grezskowiak says just one violation per school site per day could result in more than $360,000 dollars in penalties.  In addition the Oregon Health Authority then has the opportunity to refer the violations to Oregon OSHA which could add another $12,000 fine per violation.  The mask requirements are not necessarily set for the entire year.  The OHA will review public health conditions monthly.  Grzeskowiak says the goal is to return districts to local decision making.  The mandate says masking will not be required during certain events when social distancing can be maintained or during eating or snack time, planned mask breaks, playing a musical instrument that requires use of the mouth, PE, field trips, and before school or after school hours for tutoring, clubs or activities.

WLAD Board Meeting

The Western Lane Ambulance Board of Directors will hold a special meeting today at 2pm to consider a resolution calling for an election for a local option tax in November 2021.  The meeting will be held virtually through Zoom.  For a link to the meeting see the online version of this story.  Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85041080428

Heat Advisory For the Valley

If you are planning a trip to the valley this week be aware that temperatures in the Eugene area could reach the triple digits for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  The county has announced that it will be setting up cooling stations around the area for people to stay out of the heat.  Heat related illnesses can result in death if they get severe.  Extreme heat often affects the very young and the very old as well as athletes and individuals that work outdoors. Luckily for the Florence area temperatures are expected to be in the mid 70’s, which could mean a heavy boost in local traffic from individuals escaping the heat.