Elementary School Reveals COVID-19 Diagnosis; Walkout Threat; COVID-19 Update; State COVID Cases

Elementary School Reveals COVID-19 Diagnosis

Just two days into the new school year the Siuslaw School District is reporting that a person in Siuslaw Elementary School has been diagnosed with COVID-19.  Superintendent Andy Grzeskowiak sent out a letter to staff and families last night giving what details were available.  The letter did not specify if it was staff or student, but that any individuals that were in close contact with the person has been contacted by the school office.  Grzeskowiak said common areas and high touch surfaces are being sanitized.  There was no notification that the school week had been affected.  Lane County Public Health is working with the district.

Walkout Threat

A threat of a walkout to protest the state mask mandates in schools has prompted the school district to send out a letter of reminder to parents.  The letter sent out yesterday states that students who participate in the walk out will be marked with an unexcused absence.  The letter states that this is not a new policy enacted for this school year but has in fact been around for several years.  A secondary letter defining the attendance policy was also distributed.

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 numbers for the area increased by 15 yesterday in the official report issued by Lane County Public Health.  The total now sits at 557 cases all time for Florence.  The number is expected to continue to rise as the Labor Day Weekend results are tabulated.  One social media post from an individual reported a positive test even though the individual confirmed that they have received the Pfizer vaccine and were fully vaccinated.  Breakthrough cases are occurring  at the rate of about 20%.  The OHA says one in five cases this past week were the result of a breakthrough case.  Symptoms are generally more mild for vaccinated individuals, but the Delta variant is extremely contagious.  The OHA, in its weekly report indicated that coronavirus cases are down a slight amount.  There were 3% fewer cases than the previous week, however deaths and hospitalizations continue to be on the increase.  Hospitals are showing the ninth straight week of increases.  Positive test rates are also increasing and are now at 11.1%.

State COVID Cases

2,437 newCOVID-19 cases were reported statewide yesterday.  Lane County reported 189 cases.  The OHA is expected to release a report on the Labor Day Weekend modeling and pediatric reports today.  The OHA reports that it will also be doing a data refresh to complete a backlogged data cleaning and removing some duplicate numbers that have been posted.

City Wide Garage Sale

Today signifies the beginning of the City Wide Garage sale.  A printed map of the participating locations has been distributed in the Siuslaw News.  The event will continue through Sunday.  Links to a map can also be accessed on the Chamber of Commerce website at florencechamber.com