Police Arrest Leave No Trace Founder

The person responsible for driving up and down highway 101 and highway 126 packing up trash and leaving the bags with sad faces and sayings has been arrested by the Florence Police Department with assistance by the Douglas County sheriff’s office.  Raymond Furr, AKA Raymond Block was arrested yesterday on 2 counts of Criminal Mischief I.  the report released by the Florence Police Department says that Furr placed a self-made trash filter on a stormwater discharge pipe under the Siuslaw River Bridge and in order to do so removed rip rap material designed to protect stormwater from scouring the river bottom.  Left unchecked erosion could occur and significantly damage the bridge.  Furr removed soil support for trees along with other vegetation according to the release.  Furr allegedly ingnored direction from the City of Florence Public Works regarding permits and engineering considerations.  Furr was transported to the Lane County Jail.