Siuslaw Bridge and Sealion

Week-Long Vax Clinic; High Winds; Free Dental Clinic; Levy Concerns; WLCF Grant Cycle

Week-Long Vax Clinic

The Florence Events Center will be the site of a week-long clinic for COVID-19 vaccinations as well as testing for the coronavirus.  The clinic is organized by the Oregon Health Authority and will utilize the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s mobile vaccination unit.  The Clinic will run Monday through Sunday, November 8th through the 14th from 11 am until 6pm.  There will be opportunity for minors to receive vaccinations, however minors between the ages of 12 and 14 must have parental consent.  15-17 year olds may receive a vaccination without parental approval.  Parents that wish their 12-14 year old receive a vaccination they can give either written or verbal permission prior to the event and need not be present.  According to assistant City Manager Megan Messmer this event will not be a walk through.

“Unlike our traditional vaccine clinic the mobile vaccination unit will bring a large coach-style bus that will be parked in out south parking lot and will be doing drive-through vaccinations outside.”

Messmer also said that if you believe you need a COVID-19 test, you should let the staff know.  More information on the clinics are available at the Florence events center website.

High Winds

High winds are passing through the area today and should dissipate by early afternoon, overnight there were no significant outages reports.  There were brief periods of heavy rain in areas but no significant flooding has occurred.  The high wind warning is expected to subside by 1 pm.

Free Dental Clinic

Your child enrolled in Siuslaw and Mapleton Schools will have an opportunity for a free dental screening, Bob Sneddon has the report

“Florence Dental Clinic and the Medical Teams International mobile dental van are teaming up this Friday to provide free dental screening for all elementary school students in Florence and Mapleton.  Following the screenings parents or guardians will be advised of their student’s dental health.  Bryan Holmes with Florence Dental Clinic says he has seen a distinct improvement in the oral health of students since the program started in 2001.  There is no cost for the screening.  I’m Bob Sneddon for Coast Radio News.

Levy Concerns

Western Lane Fire and EMS Chief Michael Schick responded to the news that the WLAD Levy has passed.  Although election results will not be certified until November 22nd Schick says he wanted to calm concerns that this was a new tax.  Schick says anyone with concerns should contact WLFEA for information or if they have general question about the ambulance operations.  The vote passed with a 55%-45% margin.

WLCF Grant Cycle

Non-profit organizations will have the opportunity to apply for grants from the Western Lane Community Foundation.  The grant cycle is not open.  The WLCF distributed more than 89,000 dollars in grants last year and anticipates a strong grant cycle this year.  Applications must be received by January 15 to be considered.  Information on the grant process can be found at