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Mapleton Water Woes; School Remains Closed; COVID-19 Update

Mapleton Water Woes

The water is still not flowing in  Mapleton.  Over the past several days the town has been dealing with the results of several major issues involving their water system which began with the damage to the filtration system after the 2020 Sweet Creek Fire.  The area has had significant difficulties administratively with billing issues and in the delivery of water and the need to invoke boiling notices.  The latest issue is derived from a combination of heavy rains causing sediment and leaves and the use of temporary filtration equipment.  Water Board President Millie Rochon had hoped they found a work around for the issue.

“Essentially we were under the impression that if the filters failed we would be able to bypass the filters and fill the tanks with unfiltered water and go into a boil notice.”

Rochon said that it turns out that was not an option.  They are also looking to possibly fill the tanks using trucks to provide the water.  She says that process will take about a week to fill completely and a boil notice would be in effect until that process if done.

“It is tough, but you know we just have to keep our eyes set on the future and this problem will be remedied by the end of the year if we can stay steadfast to the plan and the community to get this up and going.”

Mapleton schools and businesses have also been impacted by the system malfunction


School Remains Closed

The water issues in Mapleton are also forcing another day of closing for the Mapleton School District.  School Superintendent Jodi O’Mara says that the lack of water availability makes it impossible for the school to function.

“We will be closed at Mapleton School District, all school events and activities will be cancelled as well.”

Depending on the situation as the week progresses will determine if the school will have to remain closed.  Meanwhile Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozievich has announced that Lane County Emergency Management and Lane County Community Organizations Active in Disaster have partnered to provide drinkable water for residents.  Water can be picked from the Mapleton Food Share on Highway 101 from 9am until 2pm while supplies last.  There is also an after hour number for individuals that cannot come during scheduled hours.  541-268-4348.

COVID-19 Update

Lane County Public Health has reported 2 more COVID-19 cases for the Florence area bringing the all-time total to 759 while overall the county reported 31 cases yesterday.  Case counts continue to fall in the county as even greater efforts mount to vaccinate individuals.  Vaccination rates have increased and there are almost 17,000 daily doses being administered which include first and second doses, boosters and pediatric doses.  The OHA is reporting 785 cases yesterday and a spike in positivity rates among tests administered.  The OHA is not sure why the 14% spike occurred and are looking into the possibility that a technical issue along with a backlog of tests from the weekend may have played a part in yesterday’s numbers.  In addition to a spike in positive test results the OHA is also reporting 52 new deaths associated with the coronavirus.