Weekend Basketball – Siuslaw; Mask Mandate to be Strict; Rivalry Game Postponed

Weekend Basketball – Siuslaw

This weekend’s crossover basketball tournament will see the Siuslaw boys playing Hidden Valley at Hidden valley on Friday and the girls will play at home against Henley.  The girls will play in the main gym at 6pm and tickets are available online through the schools website.  The prices are slightly higher than normal.

Mask Mandate to be Strict

There is a new stronger mandate from the Oregon Schools Activities Association and the Oregon Health Authority which requires spectators at indoor events at Siuslaw Schools over the next few months to remain masked at all times.  Some spectators have been getting around the masking rules by eating or drinking.  That will no longer be allowed.  Concessions will still be offered at most athletic events, but no food or drink will be allowed inside.  Siuslaw High School Athletic Director Chris Johnson said “extracurricular sports and activities are held for the benefit of students and unmasked spectators put those students at an unnecessary risk.”   He added that individual reminders will no longer be given by staff walking through the crowd.  If unmasked individuals are present, officials are instructed to stop play and an announcement will be made over the P.A.  When all spectators are properly masked then the contest will resume or begin.  If people refuse to wear a mask they will be told to leave.  Johnson said there are other options to being there in person.  Varsity sports are streamed on the NFHS Network feed, a subscription service; or you can watch student activity events on YouTube on the Siuslaw channel.

Rivalry Game Postponed

The game between the Oregon State Beavers and Oregon Ducks will be rescheduled.  Both teams are currently dealing with COVID-19 issues.  The game was scheduled for Saturday night.