Boats on the Siuslaw

COVID-19 Updates; Booster Goal; Port Opening; Flu Update; No Spectators at Lutz Tournament; Gas Prices

COVID-19 Updates

The more infectious, less virulent Omicron Variant of the coronavirus is the main variant present in cases according to health authorities.  It has been the cause of rising hospitalizations through the county and state.  Florence has seen another 3 cases yesterday as the overall total has risen to 990.  Statewide cases are still significant with the OHA reporting 8,040 new cases.  There have also been 35 deaths added to the numbers.  Lane County Public Health Liaison Jason Davis says people are learning to deal with the virus.  He also says that the trend of mandates and edicts from the state and county level is switching to a more personal message from health authorities.

“Here is what you can expect from this illness, here is how to protect your family and community, here are the implications if you don’t protect your family and community and now, really, let’s leave this choice up to you.”

Numbers have dipped slightly for the county, but Davis says we are going to see more cases before this wave starts to wane.  He says that hospitalization rates are not nearly what they were during the August 2021 surge.

Booster Goal

Twelve days into the new year and the governor’s goal of getting one million doses into the arms of Oregonians by the end ot the month is steadily rising.  With a third of the month gone about 310, 000 individuals have received the booster.  Booster doses are available at the Florence Events Center along with first and second doses of all three vaccines as well as pediatric doses.  Shots are available between 10 am and 5 pm.

Port Opening

The Port of Siuslaw has announced that they are looking for a camp host for their campgrounds.  The position is a year round position and previous camp host experience is preferred.  The individual or couple must have their own RV and would be responsible for RV Park Reservations, registration, security checks along with other miscellaneous duties.  A full description is available at

Flu Update

The state is beginning to see a steady rise in flu cases as Oregon moves into a moderate level of alert.  There were 40 new cases reported last week.  Most of the cases were centered in the Portland metro area and in central Oregon, where there is also a heavy surge in coronavirus cases.  According to OHA numbers flu vaccinations are below the previous two years.

No Spectators at Lutz Tournament

Siuslaw High School is scheduled to hold the annual Nick Lutz Memorial Wrestling tournament.  The event scheduled for this Saturday at the school will be without spectators due to the surge in COVID-19 cases.  Siuslaw High athletic Director Chris Johnson sent out the new yesterday afternoon.  Due to new guidance from the OSAA and the number of schools participating it would surpass the number of individuals allowed to safely hold the event.  it will be live streamed on the NFHS Network, a subscription service.

Gas Prices

Gas prices have jumped 5 cents a gallon in the state of Oregon.  The main reason according to Marie Dodds with AAA Oregon is the rise in Crude oil prices.  Oil is trading at more than 80 dollars per gallon.  That increase was caused mainly to a decrease in production.  The average price for a gallon of regular gas in Florence is $3.85.