Saturday Tsunami Advisory; Car In Ocean – South Jetty; Rhody Court; COVID-19 Update

Saturday Tsunami Advisory

The Oregon coast was threatened with a tsunami advisory Saturday morning.  The first alert came out just after 5 am as the result of a major underwater volcanic eruption in the south pacific.  The warning reported that waves of up to 3 feet in length were expected between 8 am and 8:30 am.  Several videos were posted on social media showing the waters nearing the top the jetty.  Emergency responders warned areas around the port including the port of Siuslaw campgrounds.  Megan Messmer assistant city manager and liaison with Western Lane Emergency Operations group said there was concern that waters could rise excessively with a 1039 am high tide.  Chief Bosun’s Mate Jay Nilles with the U.S. Coast Guard said they had moved their 47 foot boats out 7 and a half miles into the pacific for safety.  Against recommendations of emergency operations, there were handfuls of individuals that went to the beaches to view the waves.  The advisory was  eventually cancelled just after 4pm.

Car In Ocean – South Jetty

Yesterday morning at 9 am Siuslaw Valley fire and rescue, Western Lane Ambulance and the U.S. Coast Guard initiated a water rescue for a late model Subaru Outback that had entered the ocean at the south jetty.  It was unclear at first if there was someone in the vehicle or perhaps someone had been in the water.  It turns out the vehicle had been empty and the owner was located safe.

Rhody Court

The princes and princesses for the 2022 Back in Bloom Rhododendron Festival has been announced the senior court includes princesses Cameron Kentta, Haylee Cole, Alex Fuller, Alexia Clark and Alizabeth Norton.  Princes Camp Lacouture, Chad Hughes, Joseph Shepard, James Smith and Jason Garcia.  All with the exception of Mapleton’s Joseph Shepard are from Siuslaw.

COVID-19 Update

The Oregon Health Authority has reported a rise in pediatric cases of COVID-19.  Most of the new cases are in early ages birth to 4 years old and 12-17 years old.  Hospitalizations are also up.  The OHA recorded 8,672 cases on Friday and the Florence area had 3 more cases in Friday’s numbers.  Lane County reported 573 cases.  Governor Kate Brown is still pushing her 1 millions booster doses by the end of January.  As of Friday there were still almost 650,000 that needed to receive a booster to reach the goal.