Boats on the Siuslaw

Wisniewski Resigns; Head Start Interviews; Sneddon Speaks Out About COVID-19; COVID-19 Numbers

Wisniewski Resigns

Appointed City Councilor Maggie Wisniewski announced by letter the she would be resigning immediately.  The letter was read by Mayor Joe Henry at the beginning of the Florence City Council meeting last night.  She gave no specifics to her resignation other than she and her husband would be leaving the area.  Wisniewski was a write in candidate for the city council for the 2020 election, she failed to receive enough votes for the seat, but was later appointed to the seat by the newly elected city council.  The Council will now look to appoint another individual to fill the position.  Details will come as the city follows procedure to appoint a new councilor.  Former councilor Wisniewski was oft times the dissenting vote during decisions by the council.

Head Start Interviews

Tomorrow the Florence Events Center will be the location for Head Start of Lane County.  Head Start will be hosting walk in interviews for pre-school teachers for their Florence location.  The interviews will be conducted from 10am until 2 pm.  Staff will be on locations to answer questions and to assist in filling out applications.

Sneddon Speaks Out About COVID-19

The current COVID-19 situation at Siuslaw Public Schools has member of the Siuslaw School board speaking up.  In a letter to the editor in the January 26th edition of the Siuslaw News, School board president and mid day host on KCST Bob Sneddon shared his personal opinion on the situation, careful to specify that he was speaking as a member of the public and not as a school board official.  Sneddon in his letter said the failure of some individuals to take the matter seriously and downplaying the epidemic has led to a greater intensity of the virus, particularly in the school setting.  He said that individuals that refuse to acknowledge the gravity of the situation and fail to wait the recommended period for an exposure are putting others in jeopardy.  In recent weeks the student and staff population has seen significant increases in infections and have caused the stoppage of some sporting events.

COVID-19 Numbers

After a 53 person outbreak was registered on Friday, yesterday the Florence number was a mere 9 cases.  LCPH reported 2048 cases and the Oregon Health Authority reported 19,400 cases for the 3 day period.  The state continues to break reporting records as the omicron variant of the coronavirus runs rampant through the state.  health officials are hopeful though that there may be a swift decrease in cases in the next two weeks.