Letter Raises Questions (correction); Motorcycle Accident; Power Outage; City Council Meeting; COVID-19 Numbers; School Board Meeting

Letter Raises Questions

Before posting the following news story, Coast Radio news had a question as to the validity of the letter.  There were no claims made as to the actual existence of the letter writer, and after a search and an attempt to confirm the claims was unsuccessful this story was posted.  Subsequently Siuslaw News Editor Chantelle Meyer has confirmed that she was able to speak with Tanya Timberlake and confirm the validity of the letter.  As stated in the story there was some confusing information from multiple sources.  The story has been edited to reflect the information that was available.  Coast Radio News has also spoken with Ms. Timberlake and feels confident as to the information posted in the original letter published by the Siuslaw News and the Register Guard.

A letter to the editor of the Siuslaw New last week, which was also printed in the Register Guard, made claims that an individual had entered a local grocery store with a military style weapon strapped across their back.  It went into detail about the weapon and a Tanya Timberlake recounted the story as told to her by her husband.  Coast Radio News did some research into the origin of the letter and found several discrepancies.  The writer of the letter has a facebook page that lists Florence Oregon as her home, but also references a Florence Falcon Football team that is actually in Florence, Alabama.  The page has 12 friends, none of which are from Florence and 10 of the 12 friends are from outside of the United States. Ms. Timberlake confirmed that it was not her Facebook page. The management of the business in question verified that it had done a search of their video surveillance and found no evidence of a person as described in the letter.   Commander John Pitcher with the Florence Police Department did say that the open carry law in Oregon would permit such a weapon to be carried, and that it would be up to the owner of the business to have a policy regarding weapons or at the least be permitted to ask the individual to leave.


Motorcycle Accident

A passenger on a motorcycle had to be airlifted to Riverbend Saturday evening after being involved in a crash on Munsel Lake Road near the entrance to Florentine estates.  The accident occurred at 6:15.  The passenger received severe injuries to her leg and had to be transported to Mapleton High School where she was airlifted to springfield.

Power Outage

A tree across power lines caused a power outage on Highway 101 north yesterday morning.  there were no injuries reported and Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue alerted Central Lincoln PUD to the issue.

City Council Meeting

The Florence City Council will meet this evening at 5:30 through the city’s gotowebinar format.  The city will conduct a public hearing for the annexation and zoning change to a piece of property owned by Lofy Properties.  The property is southeast of Heceta Beach road and Highway 101.  The property is in the city’s Urban Growth Boundary and meets all requirements for annexation according to city records.  The council will also consider procedures for appointing a new city councilor after the sudden resignation of Maggie Wisniewski last month.  They will also consider the approval of 2 new hybrid vehicles for the Public Works Department.  They are considering two new Ford Maverick pick-up trucks from Johnston Motor Company for the combined price of $46,530.

COVID-19 Numbers

New COVID-19 cases continue to drop across most of Lane County according to results posted on the Lane County Website.  The 97439 zip code continues to be an exception to the overall numbers as the area reported 29 more cases on Friday, bringing the total all time to 1,356.  The Florence Area is averaging over 100 cases weekly and the cases are affecting long term care fatalities, school, and the general public.  Weekend numbers are due out today, but Lane County overall is reporting a case rate per 100,000 resident at 699.3 the lowest since January 6th and has been on a constant downward trajectory since the final week of January.

School Board Meeting

The Siuslaw School Board is slated to meet in person Wednesday, first in executive session and then in an open meeting beginning at 6:30.  The meeting will take place at Siuslaw Middle School to allow for public attendance within an adequate sized meeting area.  The board will discuss the need for additional space for learning as they anticipate increased enrollment in the near future.  They will also consider budget committee members. The complete agenda is available on the school’s website.